Thinking About Spring

Think Green!

You may be ready for spring, but it is still January!

You can imagine spring with the following guided imagery story, “Evergreen Spring.”

You will relax and connect with nature, the beauty of spring and be more open to the world around you.

Read “Evergreen Spring” aloud, very slowly, or ask an adult to read it to you.

The following is an excerpt from IMAGINE THAT!:Imagery Stories & Activities to HelpYoung People Learn to Improve Their Behavioral Self-Control, by Janis L. Silverman, published by Youthlight, Inc.

Evergreen Spring 

Close your eyes and think of spring.

Green is everywhere.

Trees and shrubs bud and leaves appear.

The grass is a blanket of green underfoot.

Vines hang on arbors, sprouting new glossy green leaves and flowers.

Winter is gone, replaced with new plant life of amazing beauty.

You are dazzled with the wonder of spring.

You feel energized and hopeful.

You look forward to months of gorgeous green

Followed by summer fun.

See your connection with nature and life.

You feel alive and excited about each new day.

(Pause; sit a few minutes and picture spring.)

When you are ready, open your eyes.

Remember the beauty and wonder of spring.

You, too, are part of each spring.

Remember all of the images of Evergreen Spring.

Return to these images any time you want

To imagine spring time.


Discussion Questions:

1. How is spring important to you?

2. Try writing an analogy to spring or another season. Ex. Spring: green: Winter: white

3. How does the very beginning of spring make you feel?

4. Would you ever return to Evergreen Spring in winter? Explain.

Optional Activity: Leaf Collage

You will need two pieces of art paper, real or paper leaves made from
colored construction paper, two pieces of lined paper, markers, glue
and a pencil.

Select a green leaf. Either trace the
leaf or draw one. Cut it out of paper or cloth. Draw and cut out several
more leaves, or use a variety of fresh leaves from outdoors to create a
leaf collage. Arrange the leaves and glue them to the colored paper.

Follow-up Writing Activity:
Write about how spring makes you feel in your journal, or write three
to six words about spring on the collage. Share your collage and ideas
with a friend.

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