Wag More; Bark Less

Wag More; Bark Less

Some pets, by their nature, are loving and calming.

Others may be squirmy and excitable.

Each of us has a certain disposition.

We have to work with that the best we can.

How can we attain grace, peace and a loving nature?

One way to figure this out, is to look at those

Who have these wonderful qualities.

Picture the most loving pet you know.

Bring to mind the warmest, most caring person you know.

Gently close your eyes.

Breathe softly, deeply, in and out.

Pay attention only to your breath.

Visualize the individual (s) who seem to

Wag more and bark less.

They seem to be calm, even when facing challenges.

They rarely complain.

They smile readily.

These people may greet you warmly,

As if they haven’t a care in the world.

How do they accomplish this?

Consider strategies they may employ.



Sit awhile.

Focus on your breath.

Allow your body to relax from the top of your head,

Slowly, slowly down to your toes.

See your breath as a magic relaxing potion,

Flowing through you, from you, and back into you once more.

Do this until you sense calm flowing through body and mind.

Consider strategies to develop calmness and caring.

Do this for at least ten minutes.



When you are ready to awaken, stretch your limbs.

Shake your hands and arms out.

Open your eyes.

Journal or draw the strategies you have considered

To help you generate more peace and love.


Choose one of your ideas to further develop

The qualities you aspire to.

Create a written plan to achieve this first method.

If you like, share your plan with a friend.



Try to be loving and patient with yourself.

No one is perfect.

Stick to your plan.

Check in with yourself and/or a friend to

Help evaluate your progress.

Don’t give up.

Work with your other strategies one at a time.

If you bark once in a while, that is OK.

Breathe, meditate, and focus your intention

On feeling relaxed and loving.

Continue to visualize yourself as you wish to be.

It will happen.

When you cultivate peace and love,

You will be peaceful and loving.

What a wonderful aspiration!


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