Amazing Spring

Amazing Spring

How amazingly beautiful spring can be!

Are you paying close attention?

Nature is tapping you on your shoulder.

Turn off as many electronics as possible.

Listen carefully.

Listen to the robins chirp, the mourning doves coo.

The tiny yellow finches flutter constantly to

And from the finch feeder.

Squirrels chase one another.

Rabbits hop and scurry.

Listen to the sound of Spring rain pelleting

Against the window.

Scan the stunning flowering trees.

The fluffy pink and white apple and cherry blossoms.

The exquisiteness of the plum trees

With dark red leaves and delicate pink flowers.

Breathe in the luxurious and delicate perfume.

Notice the dancing gracefulness of the dogwoods.

So lacy and delicate against the silhouette of the pines.

Spring can overtake your senses.

You can easily be on sensory overload.

Sit where you can be quiet and take in the beauty.

Breathe slowly, deeply, rhythmically.



Observe the activity and beauty all around you.

Close your eyes.

Picture all that you’ve been observing.

Recall the fine detail of the dogwood blossoms.

The panorama of flowering cherry trees.

The smell of apple blossoms.

The lush greens of grass and trees.

Allow these sights, sounds, and fragrances to surround you.

Feel your senses brimming over.

Permit this beauty to enter your body through your senses,

Your memory and your imagination.

Let your remembered images fill your mind.

Watch as worries are swept away with the wind.

Imagine that you are showered with flower petals.

Breathe slowly and rhythmically.

As you picture all the beauty of spring,

Be aware of your thoughts and emotions.

How does spring affect you?


Sit awhile.

Visualize the amazing beauty of spring.

Consider how your mind and emotions

May be open, recharged or revitalized.

Meditate about these ideas for about ten minutes.



When you are ready to awaken,

Stretch your limbs.

Take a few deep, cleansing breaths.

Inhale through your nose.

Exhale through your mouth.

Draw or write about spring’s effects,

Your thoughts and feelings at this time.

If you like, share your words or drawings

With a friend.



Spring is such a welcome time.

Spring seems to say, “Wake up! You’re alive! Live!”

Breathe in the beauty, the sheer energy.

As you connect with nature,

You reawaken to purpose.

Let Spring embrace you.

Allow this miraculous season to ground you.

You are enveloped by incredible beauty.

May this be a time of renewal and growth for you .


Janis L. Silverman Soothe Body and Mind, April 2014