NEW MEDITATIONS FOR A NEW YEAR January 2016 by Janis L. Silverman

Struggle (teen and adult)
Life is so unpredictable.
One day you are on top of the world.
The next day may seem like a disaster.
How can you feel balanced in the ups and downs of your life?
When you struggle physically, emotionally, financially,
it may seem endless and without resolution.
Dwelling in the struggle may cause suffering.
What if you try to see this struggle in a new way?
Taking a long view may allow you to put your struggles into perspective.
For example, an illness, a surgery or an accident
can turn your world upside down for a time.
What if you look at all of the positives in your life?
Gently, slowly close your eyes.
Sit quietly and breathe in peace.
Picture the many blessings you have today.
Visualize family, friends, your home, a favorite chair,
the birds outside on your birdfeeder, the sunshine,
a smile or a hug you got this week and so much more.
Let memories take you to places and times of happiness and peace.
Continue to breathe rhythmically and visualize what brings you joy.
Let joy fill your heart and mind.
Continue to follow your breath.
Meditate for at least ten minutes.

Slowly come back to the present moment.
Does your burden seem any lighter?
Journal or draw about your blessings, joys and happy memories.
When you have finished, if you wish, share your drawing or writing.
Your struggles are real and challenging.
When you visualize blessings and happiness,
you can put your difficulties in perspective.
This can help you maintain balance.
When you are struggling, try this meditation.
Take stock of what is good.

Copyright Janis L. Silverman. New Meditations for a New Year, January 2016

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