Winter Blahs (for children)
Sometimes winter seems so perfect.
When you see a blanket of fresh snow,
and dive right into it
Or build a snowman,
all is well.
Sometimes winter is dark and bitter cold.
Sometimes winter seems so long.
Some days it is too cold to be outside.
That is when you may get the blahs.
Your imagination can help you.
Find a comfortable chair.
Close your eyes.
Take a deep breath
Slowly let the breath out and sigh.
Say “Ahhhhh.”
Try that again two more times.
Picture all of the things you can do today.
Imagine what you can do right now.
If you want to be outside and it’s too cold,
try drawing a snow fort that you will build
when it’s a bit warmer.
Picture what you will do when you are able to get out and enjoy winter.
What else can you do while you are inside?
In your mind see what you can enjoy indoors.
Perhaps you can play a game or create one.
Continue to relax and breathe while you
picture favorite indoor fun.
Sit and “see” all of your possibilities.
Now it is time to slowly open your eyes.
Make a list or draw your indoor activities.
Post this on the refrigerator.
Choose one of your ideas and have a great time.
Chase away those winter blahs!

Copyright Janis L. Silverman Thoughts in the New Year for Children, January 2016

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