LOVE – A Meditation for 2018

Why share this meditation? I think that there are underlying causes for anger, discontent and hostility. The work begins with each of us to create peace and love. The next step is to share that with others through acts of loving kindness.
Feel free to use and to share this meditation.

What is love?
This is an age old question
Often when we are young, we look for love
outside of ourselves.
As we get older, we realize that love is within.
Picture love as a seed, a growing living entity.
Visualize this origin of love within you,
in your heart.
Close your eyes.
Visualize yourself surrounded by love.
Like a force field.
Breathe in this energy and allow it to
circulate throughout your body.
See this force gently caressing you.
At last love settles in your heart.
sense your heart brimming over with love.

Sit quietly.
Notice how your heart is filled with love.
Consider how you will share your love
with others.
Where can you direct your love to do good?
Meditate about this for about ten minutes.

It is time to awaken.
Slowly stretch your limbs and open your eyes.
Draw or write about ways you can show love to others.
Include how your love energy can benefit the world.

Love starts within your own heart.
Nourish yourself and others.
Find ways to be kind to yourself.
Be generous with your love.
Share it with the world.

Copyright Janis L. Silverman, Soothe Body and Mind: Wellness Meditations, 2018

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