Say this word quietly several times.

Doesn’t it feel great?

Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

The word opens doors that you may have closed.

It creates an open mind and an open heart.

Consider what you’d like to be doable in your life.

Take a few deep, cleansing breaths.

Locate a quiet undisturbed spot.

Slowly close your eyes.

Visualize in your mind what you want in your life.

Perhaps you’d like more family time.

Maybe you want to write a book.

You might want to build a tree house for your children.

You may picture yourself traveling to an exotic place.

You may wish to return to school.

Take some time right now to picture your



Sit quietly and breathe softly, rhythmically.

Focus on those “pictures” in your mind.

Consider what is missing and what you wish for.

Do this for at least ten minutes.



When you are ready to awaken,

Stretch your limbs.

Open your eyes.

Write or draw what you visualized.

Choose your top priority.

Create a plan to bring this element

Into your life.



Make your wishes possible.

Begin today to create a space, a place

For this to happen.

Write an affirmation, such as, “I can learn

 to scuba dive by attending classes once a

Post your affirmation on the bathroom mirror.

Place it in your wallet or purse and on

the refrigerator.


Consider what is possible.

Visualize your desires once more.

Whisper the word, “possible.”